I offer a range of consulting and implementation solutions in Data Science, Machine Learning, including Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

A typical case is where a company has a large amount of unstructured information about several million customers, users or products.

For example, you may have a large database of unstructured and messy text data such as user profile texts, or product descriptions, or past purchasing histories, and you may want to use this data to

  • deduce demographic information
  • anticipate customer churn before it happens
  • make product recommendations
  • predict customer spend

In these cases I can provide consulting services or work together with your company to fully deploy a machine learning solution that extracts value from these large datasets.

The value to your business of fully using your data can be huge. Please contact me to discuss your particular case and I will be glad to talk to you.

I work mainly with machine learning software Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow, however for interfacing with your company I am able to adapt to your technology stack.

If you would like consulting or assistance in building a machine learning model please get in touch with the form below: