The initial hurdle in a new data science project is to choose the correct solution, technology and software to use. With so many emerging trends it can be difficult to choose the best strategy from the beginning.

For example deep learning may appear as a panacea to be used in all projects , however big or small, when in reality most problems in data science are best solved with other simpler tools.

Normally before starting a data science project you must also have enough data gathering procedures in place. Is your website logging customer events? Does your app log users’ activity? Are you saving recorded images or overwriting them? With the advent of GDPR you will also need to make sure your agreement with your users or customers permits you to log the data we need.

If you bring me on board your project at the beginning of a data science project, I will help you to make informed decisions and avoid sinking cash into approaches that later prove to be dead ends. I will help to set up a long lasting data science solution which will be robust even in the face of future changes in your technology stack or business processes.