Thomas Wood

I originally studied Physics to Master’s level and then moved into the machine learning field, completing a second Masters in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology at the University of Cambridge in 2008.

Since then I have stayed in the exciting field of machine learning for more than 10 years. I have worked in a variety of companies in industries including consulting, pharmaceuticals, computer science, recruitment, retail and security, as well as some research experience.

I am currently working for Boehringer Ingelheim, one of Germany’s largest pharmaceutical companies, where I am developing algorithms to improve pre-clinical research, clinical operations, and the supply chain, as well as the NHS.

I retain some academic links, where I give a yearly talk in the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School at Oxford University.

In recent years I have specialised in deep learning, which is an exciting area of machine learning that allows computers to interpret text, sound and images. I have used this with commercial success for processing CVs and job descriptions, and also for biometric security applications (face and fingerprint recognition).

Through my company Fast Data Science Ltd, I can provide various services from consulting to complete production ready deployment of machine learning solutions. I am based in London, UK but am willing to work with clients over the globe. I take on contracting and consulting work for large and small companies.

You can find more details on my career and qualifications from my LinkedIn page. You can also find me on Upwork.

References are available on request.